Find out how to restore beauty to your parquet ruined by time


The extraordinary maintenance of a parquet or more commonly called sanding, allows you to recover a parquet ruined by time. Let us help you understand its benefits.

Sanding allows you to restore value and beauty to your parquet, but also to be able to remove the old polyurethane varnish and replace it with an antibacterial water-based varnish.

Precisely this solution allows you to have a sanitized and sanitized parquet.

If, on the other hand, you are tired of your parquet and perhaps you would like to make it more contemporary, we can lighten or darken the current shade of your parquet.

Would you like to know more or ask for advice to understand the solution that best suits your needs?

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Floor washing

I’ll explain what washing a wooden floor consists of. With washing we can recover floors that have absorbed dirt over time and have inevitably greyed out.

Thanks to our equipment, we will clean the treatment by removing the dirt, restoring it to its original beauty.

An advantage of this operation is that it can be carried out without having to empty the rooms, and in just 5 hours you will be able to go back to enjoying the comfort of your home but with a floor that will appear to have just been laid.

Ordinary decking maintenance

Routine maintenance of a decking allows you to keep the floor beautiful and protected over time. We propose scheduled maintenance at the beginning of the season, in particular we first proceed with a deep wash which removes all the dirt that has deposited on the surface, and finally we go on to oil the decking to nourish the wood and at the same time protect it. We also repeat this procedure at the end of the season to prepare the wooden floor for the sudden changes in temperature and the bad weather it will suffer in the winter.


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