Expertise on wooden floors

We take care of helping individuals, laying professionals, legal consultants in the analysis of wooden floors related to any disputes for defects or flaws in wooden floors

Who we are and what we do

Fabio Braga is a wood technologist with 40 years of experience in the wood flooring sector. For 16 years he has been involved in consultancy in the field of technical disputes relating to the sector of wooden floors, both judicial and extrajudicial, as Ctu and Ctp.

We address:

To individuals who, after supply and installation, have highlighted faults and defects related to the material and the installation phases carried out not in a workmanlike manner.

To parquet installers: who, after having laid and supplied the wooden floor, incur any disputes related to flaws and defects in the wooden floors.

To law firms: which in the event of disputes need to receive technical advice for their clients.

To architects: who are interested in receiving technical advice in the event of flaws and defects associated with their customers’ wooden floors.

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