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Discover the extraordinary maintenance that we offer to all hotels and learn more about our work at the Mandarin Oriental in Lake Como

The extraordinary maintenance of the halls

We took care of the extraordinary maintenance of the Mandarin Oriental in Lake Como. It’s a villa from 1750, with wonderful designed wooden floors finished with lacquer wax.

The floor needed the gluing of some portions that showed detachment. The sections to be repaired have been reproduced in the laboratory, using an antique wooden floor that has been grafted onto the existing one. We carried out a scrubbing and cleaning of the surface, using an oil-based wax to renew the floor and restore it to its original shine.

The extraordinary maintenance of the floating pool

The maintenance we carried out also affected the external areas of the Mandarin Oriental, in particular the area of the floating pool immersed in Lake Como. This showed the classic signs of wear, specifically it was free of oil and with clear graying phenomena.

After carrying out an inspection to understand the current state, we analyzed how to approach maintenance by identifying the correct intervention methodology.

The decking was then sanded, in order to rediscover the original appearance of the raw wood, working on some parts that had different shades than others. Finally, the floor was treated with products suitable to give greater resistance with non-slip properties and further protection against wear.

Extraordinary maintenance of the suite pool

After the floating pool we took care of a decking in garapa essence (South American wood) linked to the first management of the hotel. The floor has been neglected over time and the new management has asked to find a solution to renovate it. We therefore accepted the challenge and analyzed the solutions to be adopted to give beauty to the current floor again.

We therefore started with the staves unsuitable for foot traffic, recreating them in the laboratory and then installing them, then we anchored the heads with glue for outdoor use and screws, to recreate foot traffic in complete safety.

The surface was treated with a brush machine suitable for removing the gray/black surface layer which had altered the original tone. This type of treatment was carried out three times, until a satisfactory result was obtained.

Subsequently all the slats, despite being of the same essence as the floor, were dyed recreating a tone similar to the existing one in order not to notice differences in tone. In the final phase, the floor was oiled three times to make the decking beautiful and resistant.

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