About us

Since 1964 we have helping people to choose their wooden floors

We tell you our story

Since 1964 we have been helping people choose their wooden floor.
We are Fabio and John, we represent the second generation of a family business that has its roots in 1964, when our father “Florindo Braga” founded his company in the field of wooden floors.

Right from the start he decided to focus on the customers and their needs, his values have always been quality and professionalism, values that he transmitted to us and that pervade all the processes of our company.

In 1971 we moved the headquarters to Corso Roma 170, after building the showroom and in 1975 we bought the land for the future construction our warehouse of 1,200 square meters.

In 1982, in the wake of the territorial expansion of our work, our father decided to structure himself and transformed the sole proprietorship into a capital company (F.B. Srl); These were also the years of travel to make carpet flooring in Italian motorway restaurants.

2002 represents the beginning of a change for us: in the public sector, in fact, we concentrate work in hospitals and nursing homes; In the private sector we see the first signs of that long wave of building renovations.

In 2011 we deeply renovate the showroom

In 2012 the generational transition takes place, we found Braga S.r.l.

In 2018 we invest further in human capital; we open the Marketing division and start what is now our “important presence on social media”. We change the overall vision of products and our craftsmanship; at the center we place the “Customer Service“.

In 2020 with 40 years of experience in the field, Fabio decides to put his knowledge on paper; we create the Braga Online Academy. The mission is to “create culture” in the world of wooden floors.

In 2023 we become part of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy

Braga Pavimenti

Our mission

Every day we work to give a beautiful experience to those who choose to trust us.

What does it mean to give a good experience?

Unfortunately, it is well known that renovations are a source of great stress for the owners; We strongly believe that this should not happen when choosing us.
In fact, the house is intended as “a safe place” to live with loved ones, its construction should be a “happy” path for the owners.
For us, however, it is a duty to make the customer live a good experience; Everything starts from the path we take together, from the first visit to the showroom to the laying of the last table on site.
A path in which we help you choose your wooden floor starting from you and your needs.

Our team

We chose to put the service first, so we decided not to outsource the installation but to invest in a team of internal installers trained directly by us.

What they think of us

We have told you who we are and our values, but we think that to get to know us better and understand why you should choose us, you need to hear our customers feedbacks.

We leave you to this video in which, those who have decided to rely on us, tell their shopping experience.

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