Why choose a wooden floor

Let us tell you about its benefits

Are you renovating?

Would you like wooden floors for your home?

Hi, if you’re here it’s because you’re renovating your home or you’re approaching a new construction where you want a wooden floor.

Choosing a wooden floor is not trivial, it is important to understand your needs in order to identify a floor that makes you happy and free from any future problems.

Why choose a wooden floor?

Living in an environment with wood means experiencing sensations that stimulate the senses, such as sight, smell and touch. This allows you to enjoy a daily sense of well-being.

Let’s see all the benefits that a wooden floor brings to your home:

  1. Living comfort: wood is a material that brings well-being and relaxation to your daily life
  2. Warmth: your home with a wooden floor will be welcoming and pleasant. Imagine walking barefoot, while your new wooden floor gives you a wonderful massage thanks to its brushed or planed finish.
  3. Design: the wooden floor has always been synonymous of design, you can have a cover looking home.
  4. Guarantees energy savings: wood has a thermal insulating power, it allows you to save at least 30% of energy for heating.

Our mission

We work every day to give a great experience to those who choose to trust us.

What does it mean to give a great experience?

It is unfortunately known that renovations are a source of great stress for the owners; we strongly believe that this should not happen with us.

In fact, the house is understood as “a safe place” to live with one’s loved ones, its construction should be a “happy” path for the owners and instead many actors in the works do not meet this legitimate expectation.

For us, on the other hand, it is a duty to give the customer a good experience; everything starts from the journey we take together, from the first visit to the showroom to the laying of the last plank on site.

A path in which we help you choose your wooden floor starting from you and your needs.

Why choose us for your wooden floor

Historicity: we are a company in its second generation with 58 years of activity in the wooden flooring sector

Qualified workforce: we have an internal team of installers trained in our academy who work in compliance with delivery times with criteria of order and cleanliness on site.

Selection of materials: in these 58 years of activity we have identified the best brands of wooden floors, materials from controlled supply chains and 100% made in Italy.

Customization of your wooden floor: we can offer you a customization of your floor, based on the size, workmanship and tone.


Addressed to the Braga company by an architect friend, we can only be very satisfied with the work done: availability and kindness of John, who in person and on site advised us for the best, and followed every day the continuation of the professional work of the 2 installers, who in a short time, laid the parquet in the bedroom brilliantly solving the difficulties related to the arrangement of the rooms not perfectly rectangular. A THANK YOU and the assurance of an absolutely positive word of mouth

Ines and Roberto

The parquet specialists! For our renovation we relied on them to bring back to the former glory two special wooden floors and to find a new one that could look good with cement tiles retrieved. John and Fabio were very helpful and professional, so much that we also asked them assistance in the tiles for our bathrooms. Also for ceramics only quality brands that guarantee innovative and particular products. We are very satisfied with the result and therefore recommend with pleasure.
As a demanding customer, I looked for several design wooden floors in Novara and Braga had what I was looking for and made me a beautiful modern floor. People of high professionalism and extreme friendliness. Absolutely recommended.
Braga flooring took care of a structural part (joist and wood system pressed laid on a corrugated sheet in place of concrete casting) and a decorative one (laying wooden floors in all the rooms of the house.) Available and competent, trained, equipped and polite staff. Particularly happy notes were the estimate respected to the cent, the execution times (a few days ahead of schedule) and the interest shown in me for touch-ups and maintenance of the product on balance happened. vote 10
Courtesy and friendliness, have marked the relationship with the Company. The two brothers immediately made themselves available making sure they were meeting my needs even with alternative proposals to the initial one, but always with grace, competence and respect for my opinions. The work was carried out with punctuality, precision and professionalism, also with regard to the modifications requested during construction which gave added value relevant to the works appreciated not only by me but also by those who have been able to see it these days (the attached photo shows a corner of the completed floor). As for the expense, there are no objections to raise, above all in view of the result obtained. It has been a very pleasant experience.
We recently had the marble floor of the entrance and living room of our apartment covered and insulated with a new wooden floor, entrusting the job to the Braga company of Trecate. The installation work was carried out with great professionalism, in a short time (half a day in advance of what was estimated) and the staff really was commendable. We are very satisfied and we certainly recommend this company for its seriousness and efficiency. Bruno and Donatella Masnaghetti.

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