Technographic wallpaper and decorative panels

Design, quality of materials and innovation represent the strengths of the Tecnografica company.


Tecnografica is a company that in 1992 decided to bring high quality products to the wallpaper market, made with cutting-edge technology and with a sartorial soul.

A brand that allows us to create wallpapers focusing on the customer’s desire, who can always choose how to make the design of the selected wallpaper unique. Thanks to the personalized renderings you will be able to see how the wallpaper you have selected makes the design and style of your home unique.

Tecnografica is a product that can also be used in the bathroom thanks to the h20 technology, we also have the possibility of installing wallpapers that have a sound-absorbing function that will give your room truly high-level acoustic comfort.

The company has also created decorative panels that are born as a perfect alternative to ceramic and Kerlite panels, the Tecnografica patent offers functionality, lightness and reliability as the new technology has made it possible to limit the weight of the material as much as possible.

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